Hong Kong to Macau Car Hire Service

Macau and Hong Kong are two cities which are located very close in South China. There are several ways to travel from Hong Kong to Macau. Traditionally the most common option is taking a speed ferry like TurboJET or Cotai Water Jet, this is the most mature way to communicate between two places. With the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge started to operate in September 2018, it provides an excellent alternative option for people travelling between Hong Kong and Macau and it greatly shortens the travelling time and improves flexibility.


For most of the people who would like to travel from Hong Kong to Macau, the travelling time from your home to the ferry terminals in either Sheung Wan, Tsim Sha Tsui or Tuen Mun can be as long as you take the speed ferry which is usually around 50 minutes. With all the luggage and the fixed ferry schedule, it could give you a headache and make your journey unpleasant. Using our luxurious cross border Hong Kong to Macau Car hire service, our professional and experienced drivers can pick you up from your home directly or any place any time you want. The world class service we provide can definitely fit your purpose like family trips and business meetings. Apart from the smooth and fast ride, you can experience an amazing time to enjoy the grand view of the bridge over the sea, LuxeRider limousine services can make sure an unforgettable trouble-free service will be provided for your trip.


Our cross border Hong Kong to Macau car hire service gives our customer the most convenient transfer service. Customers can travel in luxury vans like Toyota Alphard or business executive vehicle like Mercedes Benz S class comfortably, which all our vehicles are suitable for family trip with your bags and suitcases. We make sure our drivers are professional and eager to provide VIP standard services. All our vehicles are equipped with modern facilities like Bluetooth and AUX audio, cosy air conditioning, comfortable leather seats etc. If you pick our service, the package includes all the highway tolls charges, you just need to prepare yourself and get on our car!


Hong Kong to Zhuhai Macau Bridge

With the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge opened in 2018, it provides more comfortable options for travelers between two places. The bridge is 55 kilometre long, by using our superior limousine service, it only takes around half the time to travel from Hong Kong to Macau compared with speed ferry. Of course, there are a lot of shuttle bus services, but it is quite complicated to use the bus services. So taking our private Hong Kong to Macau car hire service to travel from Hong Kong downtown anywhere to Macau port is the most convenient option.

How To Book Hong Kong to Macau Car Hire Service

Reserve your Hong Kong to Macau car hire service on our website is as easy as it is for other destinations. Follow below steps to make a successful booking.

  1. Go to our home page www.luxerider.com.hk
  2. Search for your desired service on the search box.
  3. Select your Car Type and extra options
  4. Follow the shown steps & enter your details.
  5. You will receive your booking confirmation via email, or our CS will contact you for itinerary confirmation
  6. Make Payment either over the web or offline methods.
  7. On the date of transfer, you will receive an SMS or notification message informing you that your car is on its way.
  8. Enjoy your journey with our service.

Hong Kong to Macau Car Hire Service - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much luggage can I take for Hong Kong to Macau car hire service?

We assume there will be limited luggage to travel between Hong Kong and Macau. But if you are using the full capacity of our vehicle, the space for luggage can be reduced. If you have any uncertainties or you need to carry special luggage such as a baby car, wheelchairs, sports or music equipment, please contact us prior to your journey.


  1. Is the immigration procedure different from a speed ferry?

The immigration procedure is the same. All passengers must have their travel documents (passports, ID cards, valid visas) ready prior to boarding. The vehicle travel document will be prepared by our team.


  1. How can I cancel the Hong Kong to Macau car hire service?

Cancellation is allowed and it is required to be made in advance.  If the cancellation request is raised within 8 hours prior for local transfer or 24 hours prior for Hong Kong on-hire service  or 24 hours prior for cross border transfer to the actual scheduled pick-up time, the paid amount is 70% refundable (the exchange rate difference). Cancellation must be acknowledged by our office, with cancellation confirmation being sent to the customer via email. If there is any special reason like typhoon No. 8 etc, please contact our team for more information.